October 23, 2021
Fastest Duplicate File Finder

Fastest Duplicate File Finder is the easiest way of finding and eliminating useless duplicate files from your computer. It is the fastest and most accurate program of its kind on the market. It will scan your files, show you detailed report, provide easy to use tools to resolve duplicates safely and quickly. You can free up to 50% of your disk space!

Fastest Duplicate File Finder is advanced and easy to use tool to find and resolve duplicate photos, images, music, documents and other files!

Tool helps to minimize disk space usage
Helps to organize your media files or documents
Makes your file searches to run faster
Decrease size of backups


Search for True Duplicates

Multiple file compare options
Content comparison for most accurate results
Name comparison for the fastest results
Many other options are available to choose from

Powerful Search Settings

Scan multiple folders at the same time
Filter files by extension, size or creation date
Exclude files or folders to protect most valuable data


Protect valuable data using exclusion filters
Move data to different folders and/or rename it
Never delete files permanently, put them to Recycle Bin

User Friendly Interface

Very informative and very easy to use interface
Saves search options on exit automatically
Adjustable layout

Duplicate File Resolution – It cannot be easier than that

Select files for resolution manually or automatically
Multiple automatic selection options
Move and rename duplicate files
Open file containing folder

Get your copy of Fastest Duplicate File Finder and remove all duplicates!


• Microsoft .NET 4.5
• OS: Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
• 32 bit or 64 bit
• CPU: 400 MHz or higher
• RAM: 128 MB or more
• Hard Drive: 2 MB of free space